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Empower your reforestation projects with our tree-tracking technology

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The TREEO App efficiently captures critical data - GPS location, timestamp, diameter, biomass, and CO2 of each tree - using just a standard smartphone!

>1 000 000

tree measurements done via the TREEO App and saved in the TREEO Cloud

>2 750

hectares under management with the TREEO App and Cloud

>5 700

farmers in Uganda and Indonesia positively impacted by TREEO


Certified Technology

The TREEO App is the first certified dMRV provider by the Global Tree C-Sink standard from Carbon Standards International. It can now be used globally to track tree growth, tree inventory, estimate your tree's carbon content, and more!


Project management

TREEO Cloud is a web-based application that makes it easy for you to see the results of activities carried out in the field by your team with the TREEO App. It can be connected to any number of App users and helps you manage your projects: approve land surveys, approve tree monitoring activities, perform quality checks and visualize your data.


Price per measurement

Our pricing plans are customized to match the unique needs and sizes of your projects. Whether it’s tree measurements, CO2 tracking, or additional services, we have you covered.

Service Tiers

Tree Tracker

  • TREEO App & Cloud for tree inventory and land surveys
  • Tree counter and tracker
  • Tree species population estimation
  • User management
  • Import polygons
  • Unlimited users and devices

CO2 Sequestration Package

  • Everything from the previous package plus:
  • TREEO App + Cloud with carbon calculation
  • Tree species with allometry for CO2 sequestration estimation

Certified dMRV Package

  • Everything from the previous package plus:
  • Additional certified allometric formulas
  • Map integration with TREEO Cloud: view soil types & tree location with GPS accuracy
  • Integration in CSI registry
  • Carbon accounting

C-sink development & management

  • Everything from the previous package plus:
  • On-demand training (online and on-site)
  • Data validation
  • C-sink certification
  • API for customer systems/databases
  • Carbon expenditures

Why do over 1800 users choose TREEO?

The TREEO tech stack: TREEO App, TREEO Cloud, TREEO Impact Dashboard The TREEO tech stack: TREEO App, TREEO Cloud, TREEO Impact Dashboard


  • Easy-to-use
  • Android App
  • Offline-first
  • In-app training
  • C02 calculation in seconds


  • Web App for team & project management
  • Visualize the results of your monitoring activities

TREEO Impact Dashboard

  • TREEO Dashboard for easy reporting
  • Clean visualization for your users, donors, or customers

Start tracking your trees with precision with TREEO


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