TREEO offers high-quality, certified carbon sinks to actively and verifiably cool the planet.

130,000 tCO2

Carbon dioxide removals agreed with companies

>1 000 000

tree measurements done and stored in the TREEO App and Cloud


Active growers using the TREEO app

Become a balancer

Counterbalance your emissions today

Reach your company’s climate targets with our carbon sinks with a realistic timeframe. Pay only for your real and proven climate cooling effect.

Become a grower

Scale your impact 

Pre-finance your tree-planting projects to scale up your operations, earn additional income, and fight climate change.

Data-backed impact

The TREEO Technology

Our science-based models assess tree species and regional growth models for carbon estimation and measurement, which we monitor yearly via the TREEO App.


Rethinking the carbon market

TREEO Business Model from balancer to tree growers and long-term carbon storage. TREEO Business Model from balancer to tree growers and long-term carbon storage.

TREEO democratizes the voluntary carbon market by connecting responsible companies with impactful reforestation and restoration projects in the Global South. TREEO enables millions of farmers to capitalize upon their carbon equity, turning them into valuable market participants. Companies receive high-quality, traceable data of their carbon sinks to prove their climate contributions. With TREEO you are not just investing in the future of our planet, but you are actively contributing to today’s climate resilience and fostering local environmetal and social well-being.


Cooling the planet


We cross-check data from the TREEO app with satellite images to ensure the highest transparency and quality. This achieves a provable climate cooling effect.


Social benefits

Up to 80% of your payments finance planting projects in Indonesia and Uganda. About 50% directly reaches the farmers and tree-planting partners, depending on the actual carbon sequestration of their trees.

Ecological benefits

Guided by the Global Tree C-Sink standard, which contemplates biodiversity, promotes the use of native tree species, and prevents monocultures and clear cutting.

Carbon value chain

We consider the entire carbon value chain: trees, timber construction, and biochar. This allows us to create a circular economy and sustainable change.

A Long Road Ahead

Deep roots in ecosystem restoration

Our vision for TREEO stems from tree-planting experience since 2013, with projects in Indonesia and Uganda, where, together with a highly motivated team from the Fairventures Family (FVW, FSF), we have planted over 3 million trees. 

Along our journey, we have realized how challenging it is to accurately capture the sequestered CO2 to prove our impact. TREEO is our solution.



How it works


Join us in cooling the planet!