Reliable data through single-tree monitoring

TREEO Solution

Our easy-to-use monitoring tool provides farmers with accurate data about carbon storage in their plantations, helping to build trust and transparency in the growing carbon market.


Make your impact visible with TREEO

Reliable data for efficient plantation management and positive environmental impact. 

Simply scan each tree once a year using the app to get reliable data that shows your positive impact on the climate. Our efficient monitoring solution saves you time and money while also increasing transparency and building trust with your stakeholders.

TREEO SaaS - for growers

The TREEO app is an easy-to-use digital tool designed to work on simple, affordable and older Android smartphones. It enables farmers to calculate the value of their trees, plan agroforestry plantations and get best practice recommendations for their trees. The app’s features—which include field and tree monitoring, timber value estimation and coaching materials—can all be used without an internet connection. The TREEO app currently assists farmers in the following three use cases:

Land surveys

The land survey feature allows farmers to digitally map their land. Surveyed trees can then be linked to the area where they grow so that the wood’s origin can be traced. Associated TPPs (Tree Planting Partners) are able to check whether an area meets their eligibility criteria regarding ownership, land status, location, soil quality etc.

Tree scanning

Tree diameter can be measured either manually or using the TREEO card. This measurement is saved and linked to the plot of land that the tree is growing on. The GPS location of each measurement is recorded, providing confirmation that the tree is on that specific plot. Calibrated using the TREEO card, automatic measurements can calculate timber volume, CO2 removals, and the prices of individual trees or entire stands.

Guidance and training materials for farmers

TREEO Guide provides farmers with a work plan that includes due dates and training materials. This information helps farmers to implement best practices and get the most out of the trees they plant.

Scanning trees with the TREEO mobile app using a smartphone and the TREEO card.

TREEO web app for TPPs

The TREEO web app is designed for TPPs that are working on reforestation projects with farmers. Its main purpose is to assist organisations in managing and controlling projects. Any number of users can be added to the app. It primarily serves two stakeholders:


  • The Data Visualisation and Management module provides access to the data collected on site and enables quality control
  • Approve land surveys
  • Approve tree monitoring
  • Project administration, e.g. defining tree species, project activities, plots etc.
  • System administration, e.g. management of users and roles

TREEO administration

  • Update the Good Agroforestry Practices library and growth models
  • Support TPPs in case of technical problems
  • Compile compressed and anonymised data for TREEO public relations, e.g. number of users, number of trees measured, countries where TREEO is used
  • Approve TPP activities
  • Visualise data about trees, plots, TPPs, farmers

TREEO Impact Dashboard: the platform for Balancers

Make your impact visible with TREEO.

The TREEO app delivers unparalleled accuracy and transparency driven by reliable data from every single tree, backed by satellite enhancement.

Our science-based models provide assessments of tree growth and carbon storage and generate trusted carbon removals for you.

Select your projects individually to fit your corporate CSR policies. Trace your carbon removals using our Impact Dashboard, allowing you to evaluate your impact and creating trust among your stakeholders.

The TREEO Impact Dashboard for Balancers

Trusted and certified C02 removals for Balancers

Carbon methodology | accounting method

  • Registered with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) or similar gold-standard frameworks
  • Takes into account six carbon pools:
    • Above Ground Biomass (AGB)
    • Below Ground Biomass (BGB)
    • Harvested Wood Product (HWP)
    • Dead Wood (DW)
    • Timber Construction (TC)
    • Biochar (BC)

Data verification methods to inspire trust

  • Satellite imagery
  • Cross-checked data


  • Pictures, videos, maps, descriptions that display where CO2 is stored in forests