Companisto X TREEO: for investors with a vision

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Following your requests, we are now bringing you the opportunity to make history with us! We are entering an exciting period and we want to share it with you: we are soon-to-launch a campaign with Companisto, a crowd-investing platform focused on growth financing for startups and young companies. Companisto has established itself as one of the key players in the German startup ecosystem. But what sets Companisto apart, and how can you make a difference with TREEO and Companisto?

Companisto is a pioneer in the German crowd-investing scene. Since its inception in 2012, the company has financed a multitude of projects, investing over 200 million euros from more than 150,000 investors into startups. These figures underscore that Companisto is an established and trustworthy platform, for both entrepreneurs seeking capital and investors wanting to invest in promising startups.

But who are these investors who can invest in TREEO? Well, they are people like you and me. They are investors with a vision who are looking for exciting return opportunities outside of traditional financial investments, but who also want to make a positive contribution to society. They are people who believe in TREEO's potential and are ready to invest in our mission. Thus, you have the opportunity to become part of our success from as little as 250€, or for larger investors, as part of the exclusive Companisto Angel Club, from 10,000€.

With a keen eye for quality and innovation, Companisto carefully selects the startups that are presented on the platform. Only about 1% of applying companies qualify. After an intensive evaluation by Companisto's investment team since the beginning of the year, TREEO has been selected as we meet all relevant criteria. 

What aspects are particularly important for Companisto? While the industry is rather secondary, the company places high value on an innovative business model, a product that meets the highest quality standards, and a market that has demonstrable growth potential. With 12 paying customers, we have already successfully proven our business model and are excited about the next steps with the support of Companisto's experienced investment team. They ensure that your interests are professionally represented to fully exploit joint growth potential.

As a shareholder at Companisto, you will receive detailed insights into our business activities and can actively participate in our development. Overall, Companisto provides value to startups and investors on several levels. From the established platform and broad network to support and flexibility throughout the process, Companisto enables us, as a ClimateTech startup, to raise capital while simultaneously benefiting from a multitude of resources and opportunities to drive the business forward successfully.

Stay tuned, because the next few weeks promise to be exciting! Perhaps you will soon be part of our vision and a member of the TREEO family? Don't miss any news and follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our campaign updates to stay up to speed with all important dates and information.


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