Johannes Schwegler speaks at the opening of the Competence Centre for Wood in vehicle structures

On May 6, 2024, our CEO Johannes Schwegler, attended the opening of the Competence Centre for Wood in Vehicle Structures, hosted by the  DLR Institut für Fahrzeugkonzepte. In his address, Johannes spoke on the topic "CO2 Removals as a Raw Material for the Circular Economy."

Carbon removals are a crucial component in addressing climate change. Nature-based removals, specifically through forestry, can even be a sustainable raw material for long-lived wood-based products. In turn, this kind of products store the carbon from sustainably managed forests for a longer time. 

At TREEO, we embrace the circularity of our products, ensuring that every aspect of forestry is used efficiently. From carbon farming and reforestation to creating wood-based products and biochar, we aim to minimize waste while also prolonging the durability of our CO2 removals.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond just planting trees. We are focused on transforming CO2 removals into valuable resources, like timber and biochar. By doing so, we are fighting climate change and contributing to a circular economy where resources are reused and nothing goes to waste.

The Competence Centre for Wood in Vehicle Structures aims to explore and promote the use of wood as a viable material in vehicle manufacturing, contributing to a more sustainable automotive industry. Johannes's participation in this event highlights TREEO's active involvement in pioneering efforts to integrate sustainability into various sectors, including automotive.

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