Step by step: how to invest in TREEO

As you already know, we now bring you the chance to make history with us! But how does that work exactly? Here we explain how you can invest in TREEO:

A. Investment of > 200,000 EUR

Direct investment as a shareholder of Fairventures Digital GmbH (TREEO) 

  1. Get in touch with Christoph Salzer (, Johannes Schwegler ( and/or Stefan Ferber (
  2. We will arrange a telephone or personal appointment in which we present the investment case and answer questions. 
  3. We open a data room for due diligence (if desired) and disclose draft contracts for the investment.
  4. Once the investor has agreed, the company is admitted as a shareholder at the next possible notary appointment (July/August and October)

B. Investment of > 10,000 EUR

Round Closed

  1. Short application to BAFA for a 15% subsidy (application must be submitted before the transfer is made)
    Until 24th of June 2024
  2. Transfer investment to trustee Secupay
    Starting from 24th June, 2024
  3. Sign power of attorney for Notary
    24.06.2024 - 15.07.2024
  4. Entry as shareholder in the commercial register
  5. You receive your shares in your securities account and can view the relevant documents and communication via the Companisto platform and participate in shareholder votes.

C. Investment of > 250 EUR

Active - Investment via Companisto

  1. Register with Companisto from 19.06.24
  2. Make an investment on Companisto and make the money transfer from 19.06.24
  3. Companisto issues a profit participation certificate

Register now and embark on your investment journey today! 


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