TREEO is now certified as a C-Sink Manager and dMRV Provider by Carbon Standards International

At the end of 2023 our partners, Carbon Standards International, pre-released the new Global Tree C-Sink certification guideline for public consultation. TREEO stands out as the very first endorsed dMRV provider for the Global Tree C-Sink standard and the TREEO Technology can now be used globally in other projects. As if that wasn’t enough, TREEO is also endorsed as a C-Sink Manager for the Global Tree C-Sink standard. But what does this all mean?

Do we really need yet another standard?

With dozens of carbon standards out there, you might be questioning the need for yet another one. This past year, the Voluntary Carbon Market has received quite some criticism, particularly regarding certain nature-based projects. At TREEO we believe this scrutiny is well-founded and necessary. More importantly, we see them as opportunities and several of these shortcomings are precisely what we solve at TREEO. However, like any credit-issuing company, we needed a certification from a reputable third party. But we did not find a standard that matched our demands. We wanted a standard that aligns with TREEO’s science-based mission and our core belief: that real climate impact is sustainable only when it is coupled with transparent, positive socio-economic benefits.

Carbon Standards International's new Global Tree C-Sink is a novel certification guideline that incorporates single-tree monitoring. This means it considers the CO2 that each tree removes, while it leaves today’s common and inaccurate extrapolation or rough estimates behind. The annual tree growth monitoring helps prove that the trees indeed survived and are growing (or must otherwise be re-planted). This standard also allows the certification of growth curves to seek pre-finance of the projects within its quality standards. Additionally, this standard has strict guidelines regarding the preservation and promotion of native and naturalized tree species, prevention of monocultures, by introducing three levels of biodiversity criteria depicted with one to three butterflies. The annual amount of CO2 monitored for each tree is registered in a Global Carbon Register for full transparency and tracking progress over time. 

Over the development of this standard, the TREEO team was consulted to share our tree-planting experience in both Uganda and Indonesia. This, we believe, provided insights into the local social contexts that are critical for these projects to succeed. We believe the guidelines developed by the Ithaka Institute and Carbon Standards are a realistic and effective standard in terms of CO2 impact as well as attuned to the diverse social contexts and needs of local communities.

What does a C-Sink Manager do?

These guidelines offer certification for projects of different sizes and endorse local organizations to act as C-Sink Managers. As a C-Sink Manager, TREEO can now lead the establishment of projects, training sessions, data collection, and ongoing project oversight in line with these guidelines. With our offices in Bali and Kampala, we comply with the requirements of this new standard and can guarantee our closeness to our partners and projects through our local teams.

As stated in the new Global Tree C-Sink guidelines, “the scope of afforestation projects can differ significantly”. With projects in Indonesia and Uganda, we are very aware of these realities and this is why we pride ourselves in our diverse teams in all our three offices. 

Digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV)

Being the first endorsed dMRV provider for the Global Tree C-Sink standard enables our TREEO technology to be the benchmark worldwide and positions us as the go-to solution for single-tree monitoring. Annual dMRV is essential for sustained value generation and to safeguard the corporate reputation of our clients through transparent and proven climate action. 

Single-tree monitoring: leveraging stable technology for immediate climate action

From the very beginnings of TREEO, we have believed yearly single-tree monitoring is the key to bringing trust back into the afforestation and reforestation projects within the Voluntary Carbon Market. For us, every single tree counts. That is why we account for every single tree. We think that every farmer should “hug his trees once a year”.

This aligned wonderfully with the essence of the Global Tree C-Sink standard. Carbon Standards International alongside Ithaka Institute spearhead the development and delivery of trusted science-based standards for carbon sinks. Together they lead the way for companies like TREEO to align with comprehensive guidelines that ensure accuracy and reliability in measuring climate impact. We are proud to be the first endorsed dMRV under this novel standard and to work closely with partners dedicated to integral, science-based climate action. 

By embracing the principles of the Global Tree C-Sink standard and the methodologies outlined by Carbon Standard International, TREEO ensures each planted tree counts in the global efforts toward a more sustainable future. It's about time we put integrity and precision at the heart of our climate action. Join TREEO today in removing CO2 from our atmosphere and cooling down our planet!


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