TREEO Cooling - a milestone in nature-based climate solutions

December 5th, 2023, marked a pivotal moment for us at TREEO as we unveiled our much-anticipated TREEO Cooling product. More than a showcase of a new product, this is a revolution in how we approach and value nature-based climate solutions. We were honored to be accompanied by our partners, customers, and a diverse audience, whose support has been instrumental in reaching this milestone. 

But what is TREEO Cooling?

When it comes to nature-based solutions for climate change, more attention is given to their perceived limitations than their multiple benefits. But imagine a breakthrough that effectively addresses these challenges: contemplates the long-term persistence of CO2 in our atmosphere and the intergenerational commitment; works with traceable and transparent data; and considers the urgent need for climate action now by valuing temporary carbon sinks and their need for maintenance and yearly renewal. That is TREEO Cooling: a game-changer in nature-based solutions. 

TREEO Cooling not only embraces the concept of temporary carbon sinks but also introduces innovative methods to enhance accuracy and efficiency. For context, a carbon sink is an area or mechanism that removes and stores CO2 from the atmosphere. This contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gasses and can include natural processes such as photosynthesis in forests or artificial methods such as Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS).

 Certified by Carbon Standards International, the Global Tree C-Sink Standard, as compared to other standards represents a paradigm shift in the approach to carbon removal. One of the key differentiators is the aspect of durability; while other standards typically assume a lifespan of 20 to 50 years for carbon removal credits, the Global Tree C-Sink Standard guarantees the durability of the cooling effect of trees for as long as the trees are standing on a yearly basis.  

TREEO Cooling takes a step further in providing precise tracking and reporting systems with our certified dMRV app. This approach aligns with the circular economy concept by creating new carbon sinks such as biochar or timber, effectively capturing and reusing waste generated from the thinning and pruning of the trees within the carbon removal process. The incorporation of these new carbon sinks adds to the portfolio approach of TREEO Cooling, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse range of options for longer-term carbon storage.

TREEOs yearly modeling approach

With TREEO Cooling, we are not just planting trees, we are making an immediate impact on the environment. Unlike other tree-based carbon removal products, which claim that a one-time purchase results in permanent CO2 sequestration, we take a more comprehensive and realistic approach. Through our cutting-edge technology and science-based methodology, we dynamically model the yearly cooling effect of each carbon sink over time.

This means we don't just stop at putting seedlings on the ground - we continuously monitor and provide real-time data on the yearly cooling performance of every tree. The data can be tracked through the TREEO App and Cloud. This commitment to transparency and ongoing assessment ensures stakeholders have access to up-to-date information regarding the environmental impact of our tree-planting projects.

How TREEO Cooling works?

TREEO Cooling leverages the power of trees to combat climate change effectively. Through our strategic tree-planting partners in Indonesia and Uganda, we establish two types of forests to sequester the necessary “annual tonnes of CO2 equivalent”, denoted as “t aCO2e”. 

We work together with our partners in both production (forestry and agroforestry) as well as conservation projects. The former follows a rotation cycle of a minimum of 10 years; the latter a minimum of 30 years. All our projects contribute towards key biodiversity outcomes and support local livelihoods. In our production forests, after the first ten years, a harvesting cycle can begin, following the Global Tree C-Sink guidelines where at least 40% of the forest must remain standing. 

Once the trees are planted, we measure the growth of each tree using advanced monitoring techniques to assess their annual CO2 sequestered. Additionally, we factor in the cooling effect these trees contribute to the environment. This data is shared with our customers via the TREEO Impact Dashboard to foster transparency as they witness the tangible impacts of their contribution to fighting climate change.

Production forests after 10 years

After 10 years, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond tree planting. With construction timber, a significant portion of the CO2 becomes permanently locked in a new carbon sink, contributing to medium-term carbon sequestration. Emphasizing responsible forestry practices as per our standard, a minimum of 40% of the planted trees are left untouched, allowing the forest to retain a substantial amount of CO2 and maintain its role as a vital carbon sink.

Last but not least, with TREEO, harvested trees are promptly replanted and we establish a continuous cycle that perpetuates the carbon removal process. This underscores our dedication to maintaining a sustainable and impactful legacy well into the future.

Emissions Accountability

At TREEO, we are committed to transparent carbon accounting for Tree C-Sink projects, submitting yearly data to Carbon Standards International. This includes a one-time assessment of emissions from land preparation and monthly evaluations of ongoing activities by Tree Planting Partners. Regular reporting ensures accountability and allows stakeholders to monitor TREEO's environmental impact consistently. TREEO counterbalances these scope 3 emissions. 

As part of the carbon accounting process, we manage both temporary and long-term carbon sinks, estimating emissions to inform counterbalancing measures. Monthly assessments cover various partner activities, emphasizing the importance of mitigating emissions through proactive measures. 

TREEO Cooling not only addresses immediate carbon sink needs but also fosters a holistic environmental impact. The commitment to the Global Tree C-Sink Standard offers transparency, and the incorporation of circular economy principles solidifies TREEO Cooling as a reliable and forward-thinking choice. By investing in sustainable forests, TREEO Cooling provides a tangible and impactful contribution to a cooler, greener future. 


The Global Tree C-Sink guidelines include biodiversity criteria. This ensures that TREEO Cooling not only aids in carbon removal but also champions biodiversity protection and enhancement for a resilient ecosystem. Using cutting-edge equipment for biodiversity monitoring, TREEO’s projects are now also vibrant showcases of biodiversity and we can monitor how it changes as we continue to restore degraded land. Thanks to Biometrio's innovative solutions, we now have tangible evidence of how our restoration efforts are making a real difference in shaping and preserving our planet's biodiversity. 

If you would like to dive even deeper into the science behind TREEO Cooling, watch our TREEO Cooling deep dive webinar or contact Vera, our Sales Director, at to start cooling the planet with TREEO today. 

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