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High-quality carbon removals from smallholder reforestation

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TREEO supplies voluntary carbon removals of outstanding quality. True climate impact requires a holistic approach that brings together all three pillars of sustainability.

No double counting

We measure, verify, store, and retire every carbon removal. All transactions are entered in our registry, where we record the buyer and carbon sink for every removal.

Real & Measurable

Field data from every single tree is cross-checked with enhanced satellite data to ensure verified carbon removals.


Durability of up to 100 years through carbon storage in construction timber and biochar.


Our unique pre-financing scheme removes financial barriers, enabling smallholders to set up reforestation projects in remote areas.

Conservative baseline

Our carbon modelling applies high baselines yet conservative carbon sequestration potential, minimising the chance of projects severely underperforming.

Prevention of leakage

Smallholders maintain their land rights. They can continue farming and are not forced to convert primary forests for agricultural purposes.

Safety buffer

20% of credits are retired immediately for insurance purposes. Our mosaic project setup with smallholder farmers inherently decentralises risk.

Treeo App

Make impact visible with TREEO

The TREEO app cross-checks satellite imagery against reliable data from every single tree to deliver unparalleled accuracy and transparency.

Our science-based models assess tree growth and carbon storage to provide you with trusted CO2 removals.

Choose projects that fit your company’s CSR policy and trace your carbon removals using the Impact Dashboard. Our tool allows you to easily evaluate your impact and helps build trust among your stakeholders.


How it works

Holistic Thinking

A holistic approach for real impact

Empowered farmers

TREEO enables smallholder farmers to become entrepreneurs in the carbon market and capitalise on their carbon equity.

Rich in co-benefits

Guided by the 10 Golden Rules for Reforestation, our agroforestry projects improve biodiversity, soil health, air quality, and ensure food security.

Fair pay

Growers receive 80% of the turnover depending on the performance of their trees' carbon sequestration.


TREEO considers the entire carbon value chain: trees, timber construction and biochar. This gives us real transformative power.


TREEO’s vision for long-term durability in the ecosystem

We supply you with high-quality carbon removals from our smallholder reforestation projects. Our single tree monitoring tool ensures maximum transparency while tracking your climate impact on your Impact Dashboard.

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Your journey with us

TREEO enables your journey towards your net-zero destination. Design your CDR portfolio together with us. We ensure that smallholders implement their climate impact - 80% of the carbon money goes to the growers.

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Join us on our journey to net zero and help us treeshape the future.