TREEO's Dynamic Engagement at CTS2023: Uniting for Climate Action and Collaborative Solutions

At TREEO, we are all about action, transparency, and collaboration. This was also evident at our recent participation in the fully-virtual Climate Transformation Summit (CTS2023), organized by The Climate Choice. The virtual format of CTS provided a dynamic opportunity and platform to connect with a diverse range of stakeholders committed to driving climate action. 

Our 3-minute pitch and virtual booth resonated with some potential partners and multipliers who are looking to help their customers remove CO2 from the atmosphere. And that’s what we’re here for!

At CTS2023 we could reinforce our belief and the fact that people and companies in the climate transformation movement are open to share and collaborate as we work together towards our shared goal of providing climate solutions now. As a leader in nature-based carbon removal solutions, at TREEO we believe in the power of collaboration. After all, we scale through our tree-planting partnerships. 

We were happily surprised with how engaging this virtual experience was and are already looking forward to the next one and to the partnerships ahead.

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