TREEO's single-tree monitoring technology and carbon trade opportunities

It was an absolute honor to present at the esteemed Rotary Club of Ntinda, where TREEO’s country director for Uganda, Joshua Mucunguzi, had the opportunity to discuss the carbon trade opportunities in Uganda! 
Our focus centered on the potential in the carbon removal sector, with special emphasis on the groundbreaking single-tree monitoring TREEO technology. This pivotal innovation plays a crucial role in validating the authenticity and credibility of our carbon credits, ensuring each credit is backed by real, verifiable data to claim climate action.

We were truly inspired by the engagement and enthusiasm from the audience. They displayed a keen interest in delving deeper into the details of how we empower tree growers to actively contribute to a greener future through our single-tree monitoring technology. Our technology not only enables tree growers to play a significant role in environmental conservation but also grants them access to the carbon market, making a tangible impact on our climate, the environment, and society.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Rotary Club of Ntinda for providing us with this valuable platform to shed light on the carbon removal sector and showcase the transformative potential of TREEO. 
It is through collaborations  like these that we can work together towards building a greener, more sustainable future for the  world! 🌍🌳 

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Since November 2023 TREEO is officially certified!

TREEO is now certified by the Global Tree C-Sink standard from Carbon Standards International as a C-Sink Manager and dMRV Provider.

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