Empowering tree growers to profitably scale carbon removals and fight climate change

The impact of carbon dioxide emissions on climate change is now widely acknowledged. While many efforts focus on reducing carbon emissions, it is also important to actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. At TREEO we make reforestation profitable for tree growers, while scaling up carbon dioxide removals (CDR). We work together with farmers and tree growers - whom we see as entrepreneurs - who use the TREEO App to accurately calculate the biomass and carbon stored by each tree with a 95% accuracy.

Trees are one of the most readily available and scalable options for carbon dioxide removal

The TREEO carbon product involves two main steps: carbon capture and carbon storage. Trees capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store it as carbon while releasing oxygen. Carbon is then stored in the long term with timber construction and biochar, a form of carbon that improves soil quality. Besides its positive climate impact, reforestation and agroforestry also have biodiversity and socioeconomic co-benefits. Thus, by including TREEOs nature-based CDR in their portfolio, our customers are assured that they are making a real and positive impact towards the climate crisis, while also supporting sustainable and socially responsible practices in local communities in the Global South. With the TREEO methodology and the real data we provide our customers, they get the peace of mind to be able to proudly claim their climate action and reach their CSR and Net Zero targets. 

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Since November 2023 TREEO is officially certified!

TREEO is now certified by the Global Tree C-Sink standard from Carbon Standards International as a C-Sink Manager and dMRV Provider.

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