Reflecting on our productive exchange with the STIHL team at TREEO Uganda

Last week our TREEO Uganda office was busy in a new way: we hosted the esteemed STIHL team and together explored the inner workings of our operations in detail. More than a meeting, this was a great merger of shared values and vision.

Our guests dove deeper into the mechanisms behind our operations. The TREEO App and our backlog took center stage. However, it was not just about the tools, but also about the people and processes behind them. We had the privilege of sharing how we seamlessly infuse agility into our workflows. The presentation provided an in-depth exploration of our scrum process, the cornerstone of our effective project management strategies.

The exchange of ideas proved highly stimulating, as both teams mutually shared perspectives to enhance process optimization. Emphasizing the adaptability of our agile approach, we discussed its fluid nature, that allows us to effectively respond to the evolving requirements of projects. 

At TREEO, our belief revolves around collective advancement through the exchange of knowledge. We extend our gratitude to STIHL and eagerly anticipate further collaborations that spearhead operational distinction and pioneering innovation.

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Join us in cooling the planet!


Since November 2023 TREEO is officially certified!

TREEO is now certified by the Global Tree C-Sink standard from Carbon Standards International as a C-Sink Manager and dMRV Provider.

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