TREEO at Tree Adoption Uganda’s “Tree Mapping Webinar”

We had the honor of participating as panelists in an enlightening Tree Mapping Webinar organized by Tree Adoption Uganda. The webinar aimed to raise awareness and explore the potential of technology in tree growing initiatives in Uganda. We are also left with a lot of motivation by the insightful questions we received during the event. Here is an overview of the key points we discussed:

The purpose of developing technology in tree planting

The development of TREEO technology was motivated by the recognition that focusing solely on the number of trees planted is insufficient to effectively address rising CO2 levels. To accurately determine the carbon removal potential, reliable data and scalable efforts are essential. TREEO was created to fulfill this need by offering a comprehensive solution that ensures the profitability of reforestation for tree growers while providing trustworthy and traceable data to interested parties.

Our experience with technology-based tree growing

TREEO provides tree growers with  the pre-financing for reforestation efforts and the TREEO App. This innovative solution equips them with the tool to provide valuable information on high-quality, nature-based Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs). By harnessing the power of machine learning and image processing, TREEO offers tree growers comprehensive data that enables them to make informed decisions in their reforestation efforts.

Reception among communities and the general population

The TREEO App has been warmly received by communities and the general population. Its user-friendly interface, accompanied by thorough training sessions, has enabled individuals to easily utilize its features. The transparency and traceability provided by TREEO have instilled confidence in technology-based tree growing. Tree growers using the app have shown enthusiasm for the reliable data it offers, empowering them to make informed choices and actively participate in reforestation initiatives.


TREEO's groundbreaking technology-driven approach to tree tracking  is transforming the field of carbon removals and reforestation. By combining image processing, machine learning, and enhanced satellite data, TREEO achieves precise calculations of biomass and carbon storage with an impressive accuracy rate of 95%. This game-changing solution empowers tree growers, provides data-driven advice, and ensures transparent and verified carbon removals for companies. 

With TREEO leading the way, the global fight against climate change receives a significant boost in implementing effective and profitable reforestation practices. We extend our gratitude to Tree Adoption for hosting us in the Tree Mapping webinar, as it is always a pleasure to share more about the TREEO technology.

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Since November 2023 TREEO is officially certified!

TREEO is now certified by the Global Tree C-Sink standard from Carbon Standards International as a C-Sink Manager and dMRV Provider.

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